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In Memory of Brandon Gale

Brandon GaleOn February 10, 2017 we lost our son Brandon to a heroin/fentanyl overdose. He was just 19 years old. Like many parents battling this illness with their kids, I don’t think we realized the extent of his illness. We tried to get him help but it may have been too late, or he didn’t want it bad enough. We will never know the answer to that question just as we will never understand the attraction to the drug or what happens to one’s mind once they try it. How Brandon passed was not how he lived his life all the years leading up to his death. He was a wonderful kindhearted person that would do anything for anyone. He was full of life and laughter.

After he passed, we found ourselves wanting to learn more about this addiction and found that there were many organizations that are there to support addicts, to get them into recovery, and get them back on their feet after recovery. One organization in particular struck a chord with us because one of the things they focus on is educating children about drugs – so they don’t try them and fall prey to the terrible disease of addiction. That organization is Partners For a New Beginning. It is my hope as a mother that no other mother/family has to endure the pain of losing a child to addiction and the more education we provide to our youth will aide in this endeavor.

In 2017 we held our first golf outing in memory of Brandon and we raised $4,000.00. In 2018, our 2nd tournament helped us raise $6500 – all donated to Partners For a New Beginning. With your help, we are hoping to double that for 2019!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and read about our cause! Hoping to see you on the 28th of June!

The Gale Family


About Partners For a New Beginning

Partners for a New Beginning

The mission of Partners For a New Beginning is to break the silence and shame of those affected by drug addiction. Partners For a New Beginning advocates, provides support, hope and education to those in our communities who are struggling as well as their their families, and to those who seek awareness.

Addiction does not discriminate. Everyone knows someone who is battling addiction, struggling to recover or who has died from an overdose. How many more families need to bury a loved one?

In 2016 and 2017, Partners For A New Beginning was able to raise funds to sponsor educational seminars throughout the Lehigh Valley, donate funds to local elementary schools to purchase educational materials for Red Ribbon Week, and donated funds as well as over 600 care packages to several local sober living homes and recovery centers.

Your generous donations and support for the Chip Away at Addiction Charity Golf Tournament | In Memory of Brandon Gale, will allow Partners For a New Beginning to continue to maintain their organization’s commitment to support those affected by addiction, maintain community awareness, and support education in the battle against drug addiction. Partners For a New Beginning is a non-profit 501C3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Help us make a difference! Help us educate and spread awareness!